China Custom Sanitary Stainless Steel Tri-Clamp Hose Coupling for Bioengineering Industry

Product Description

 Sanitary Stainless Steel Tri-Clamp Hose Coupling For Bioengineering Industry

1.Pictures of Stainless Steel Tri-Clamp Hose Coupling :


2.Specification :

Type: Stainless Steel Hose Coupling
/Stainless Steel Tri-Clamp Coupling
/Stainless Steel Tri-Clamp Hose Coupling
Material : Stainless Steel 316L
Technics : Forged
Size : 1/2″-12″, DN10-DN150
The larger size can be customized
Connection : Clamp
Head Code: Round
Processing : CNC Machine
Fitting Standard : DIN, 3A, SMS, RJT, IDF
Medium : Beer, Dairy, Beverage, Pharmacy
Application : Dairy Products, Beer, Food, Beverage,
Pharmacy, and Bioengineering Industry, etc
Packaging : Carton packaging. Wooden case packaging


Our products adopt production craft and technology from the EU.
Meanwhile, import foreign advanced numerically controlled
machine tools and other processes/inspection units.
Specializes in producing sanitary stainless steel fluid equipment,
valves, and pipeline connection units. 
All the products are strictly manufactured according to different smoothness, material,
and sector standards (such as ISO, DIN, IDF, SMS, and 3A), etc.



Our products are widely used in the fields of food, pharmaceuticals, dairy,
beer, beverage, and chemical industry, all the technical aspects have reached
the international leading levels and are in conformance with GMP requirements.
Large quantities of the products are exported to the USA, Europe, Middle East,
Southeast Asia, and other countries all over the world.


5.Technical Data:

Material Standard Size ID OD For Hose
SS316L 3A 1/2″ 9.40  25.20  13
SS316L 3A 3/4″ 15.75  25.20  19
SS316L 3A 1″ 22.20  50.50  25
SS316L 3A 1-1/2″ 34.80  50.50  38
SS316L 3A 2″ 47.50  64.00  50
SS316L 3A 2-1/2″ 60.20  77.50  63
SS316L 3A 3″ 72.90  91.00  76
SS316L 3A 4″ 97.38  119.00  102
SS316L 3A 6″ 146.86  166.80  152
SS316L 3A 8″ 197.66  217.70  203
SS316L 3A 10″ 247.20  268.50  254
SS316L 3A 12″ 298.00  319.30  305

About Us:

HangZhou Standards Rubber Products Co., Ltd Is a Highly Professional
And Experienced Manufacturer of Silicone Hoses In China.
We Have Specialized In This Field Over 10 Years And Always Dedicated To
The Producing Of Silicone Hoses In High Quality,With a Wide Range Of Demands, 
mainly producing Food grade silicone hose. The product quality is keeping continuously
improving by absorbing the advanced technology through the years.

Our Products Include:


Packaging &Delivery:

Packing Details :The general package of our products is plastic or woven bag with pallet under the hose.
We can also provide special package according to customer’s requests.

Delivery Details : 20-30 days according to the quantity

Why Choose Us:

1. Our Chairman, Who Came From Technical Backgrounds, Devoted In Rubber Industry Since The Year 2008.
2. Professional r&d Team With Rich Experience.
3. Only The Best Raw Materials Silicone Rubber From Europe.
4. Only The Most Advanced Equipments From Germany.
5. Only The Best Processes And Strict Inspection.
6. Efficient Sales Team With Satisfying Service.


Q1. How do you ensure your product and service quality?
All our processes strictly adhere to ISO-9001 procedures. If the product does not work property as described, and
the problem is proven to be caused by our side, we will provide exchange services for the same specific item. Also,
Standards Rubber staffs will always be there for you if anything needed.

Q2. Can I buy 1 or 2 pieces of samples for testing before place bulk order?
Yes, we are pleased to send you samples to test the quality and performance. We are confident that once you get it
in you hand. You will be very satisfied. Moreover, with our excellent service and competitive price. We believe that we
will be your first choice for rubber hose.

Q3. How can I order and make payment?
Once clear your requirement and determined which product is ideal for you. We will send proforma invoice to you.
You can pay via TT bank transfer, Western Union as you like!

Q4. What is your Minimum Order Quality?
Different products have different MOQ, generally speaking, our MOQ is 1000meter/type, please don’t hesitate to
check with us for specific items.

Q5. What about delivery date?
If we have free stock of the item you need. We can send goods to you within 7 working days after deposit or 100%
payment into our bank account.
If we don’t have the stock, the delivery date can be different for different products. Generally speaking, it will takes
3 to 6 weeks. 

Q6. What’s your company policy if we want to distributing your rubber and plastic hose in our market?
We have some different policies for different target market, so please feel free to contact us for detailed discussions
and find the most preferential policies for you. Also, you are welcome to visit our factory and let’s talk face to face! 

Contact Us:

clamp coupling

How do Clamp Couplings Contribute to Reducing Backlash and Resonance in Rotating Machinery?

Clamp couplings play a crucial role in reducing backlash and resonance in rotating machinery, enhancing the overall performance and reliability of the system. Here’s how they achieve this:

1. Backlash Reduction:

Backlash is the play or clearance between mating components in a mechanical system. In rotating machinery, backlash can lead to lost motion, reduced precision, and inefficiencies. Clamp couplings offer several features that help minimize backlash:

  • Zero-Backlash Design: Some clamp couplings are designed with a split hub and a clamping mechanism that ensures a tight fit around the shafts. This zero-backlash design eliminates any clearance between the coupling and the shafts, reducing or even eliminating backlash.
  • High Clamping Force: Clamp couplings exert a strong clamping force on the shafts, ensuring a secure and rigid connection. This prevents any relative movement between the coupling and the shafts, further reducing backlash.

2. Resonance Damping:

Resonance occurs when the natural frequency of a rotating system matches the frequency of external forces or disturbances. This can lead to excessive vibrations and potential damage to the machinery. Clamp couplings can help dampen resonance in the following ways:

  • Material Selection: High-quality materials like stainless steel or aluminum alloy are commonly used in clamp couplings. These materials possess excellent damping properties, dissipating vibrations and minimizing resonance effects.
  • Precision Machining: Clamp couplings are precisely machined to maintain balance and reduce vibration during operation. Balanced couplings minimize the likelihood of resonant frequencies being excited, contributing to a smoother operation.
  • Torsional Stiffness: Clamp couplings offer controlled torsional stiffness, which helps prevent the buildup of excessive vibration amplitudes and reduces resonance occurrences.

3. Misalignment Compensation:

Another factor contributing to backlash and resonance is misalignment between shafts. Clamp couplings can accommodate a certain degree of angular, parallel, and axial misalignments, reducing the impact of misalignment-induced backlash and vibrations.

Overall, clamp couplings provide a secure and precise connection between shafts, minimizing backlash and resonance in rotating machinery. By choosing the appropriate clamp coupling based on the specific requirements of the application, engineers can optimize the performance and efficiency of the rotating system.

clamp coupling

Potential Causes of Failure in Clamp Couplings and Prevention

While clamp couplings are robust and reliable, certain factors can lead to failure if not addressed properly. Here are some potential causes of failure and the corresponding prevention measures:

  1. Insufficient Torque: If the coupling is not tightened to the recommended torque, it may slip or come loose during operation. To prevent this, always follow the manufacturer’s torque specifications and use a torque wrench during installation.
  2. Material Fatigue: Repeated load cycles and excessive vibration can lead to material fatigue and eventual failure. Choosing high-quality materials and performing regular inspections can help detect fatigue and replace the coupling before failure occurs.
  3. Corrosion: In corrosive environments, the coupling’s material may degrade over time, compromising its strength. Using stainless steel or other corrosion-resistant materials can prevent this issue.
  4. Improper Alignment: Misalignment between shafts can put undue stress on the coupling, leading to premature failure. Properly align the shafts during installation to avoid this problem.
  5. Overloading: Exceeding the maximum torque or speed limits specified by the manufacturer can cause the coupling to fail. Stay within the recommended operating parameters to prevent overloading.
  6. Temperature Extremes: Extreme temperatures can affect the material properties and cause the coupling to become brittle or lose its integrity. Select a coupling rated for the operating temperature range of the application.
  7. Poor Maintenance: Neglecting regular maintenance can lead to undetected wear, damage, or contamination, which may ultimately result in failure. Implement a proactive maintenance schedule and inspect the coupling regularly.
  8. Foreign Object Debris (FOD): Foreign particles or debris caught between the coupling components can lead to uneven loads and wear. Keep the coupling and its surroundings clean to avoid FOD-related issues.
  9. Improper Installation: Incorrectly installing the coupling, such as using incorrect fasteners or not following the manufacturer’s guidelines, can compromise its performance and durability. Always refer to the installation instructions and seek professional help if needed.
  10. Environmental Factors: Consider the specific environmental conditions of the application, such as humidity, chemicals, or abrasive substances, and select a coupling that can withstand these conditions.

By understanding and addressing these potential causes of failure, users can ensure the longevity and reliable performance of clamp couplings in their mechanical systems.

clamp coupling

Advantages of Using a Clamp Coupling

A clamp coupling offers several advantages compared to other types of couplings, making it a popular choice in various mechanical systems:

  • Easy Installation: Clamp couplings are simple to install and require minimal tools and expertise. The design allows for quick assembly and disassembly, making maintenance and shaft replacement convenient.
  • Cost-Effective: With a straightforward design and fewer components, clamp couplings are cost-effective to manufacture and purchase.
  • High Torque Transmission: Clamp couplings can handle high torque loads, making them suitable for heavy-duty applications in industries like manufacturing, mining, and construction.
  • Zero Backlash: The clamping mechanism ensures a tight fit between the shafts and the hubs, resulting in zero backlash. This feature is vital for applications that require accurate and precise motion transfer.
  • Flexibility: Clamp couplings can accommodate different shaft sizes and materials, providing flexibility in system design and shaft compatibility.
  • Compact Design: The compact and lightweight design of clamp couplings makes them ideal for applications with space constraints.
  • No Lubrication Needed: Unlike some other couplings, clamp couplings do not require lubrication, reducing maintenance requirements and eliminating the risk of leakage or contamination in certain environments.
  • High Misalignment Tolerance: Clamp couplings can handle moderate levels of angular, parallel, and axial misalignment, ensuring reliable operation even when shafts are not perfectly aligned.
  • Reduced Downtime: The ease of installation and maintenance of clamp couplings contributes to reduced downtime during equipment repairs or replacements.

Due to these advantages, clamp couplings are widely used in various industries and mechanical setups for their simplicity, reliability, and cost-effectiveness in transmitting torque and rotational motion between shafts.

China Custom Sanitary Stainless Steel Tri-Clamp Hose Coupling for Bioengineering Industry  China Custom Sanitary Stainless Steel Tri-Clamp Hose Coupling for Bioengineering Industry
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