China OEM SS 5050 Stainless Steel Taper Lock Bushing with Hot selling

SS 5050 Stainless Steel Taper Lock Bushing

Tapered locking bushings have an 8-degree taper to reduce through-hole length. The taper is formed by a screw inside the bushing. The taper makes the bushing thinner than flanged bushings. Although the diameter of the tapered bushing may be smaller, it can still be installed in a shaft with a standard flange. However, before assembling the bushing, make sure the shaft type is correct before assembling.
While the sprocket hub may be larger than expected, the Taper-Lock bushing allows for an extremely narrow width. Additionally, the left-aligned hub design keeps the shaft close to the bearing, avoiding problems associated with high overhung loads. The tapered portion of the bushing passes through the flange and the tapering taper creates a true clamping fit. This makes it similar to a shrink-fit in that it prevents overhanging loads and provides maximum strength.
Another common use for tapered bushings is to install pulleys. They are separated and secured by screws. Their evenly distributed mounting makes them very effective in high torque applications. The tapered portion of the assembly is pressed into the hub and driven with the hub by high-strength screws. These bushings ensure that the sprockets are installed correctly and can also be used for recessed ceiling lights.

Dimensions of SS 5050 stainless steel taper lock bushing

  • Bushing Size: SS-5050
  • Bore Size: 2-1/16″、2-11/16″、2-1/8″、2-1/2″、1-3/16″、2-1/4″、2-5/16″、2-7/16″、2-7/8″、2-9/16″、2-3/8″、2″、9/16″、2-5/8″、5/8″、3-11/16″、13/16‘、2 -13/16″、3-3/4″、2-3/4″、3-7/8″、3-15/16″、3″、3-1/2″、3-1/16″、3 -1/8″、3-3/16″、3-1/4″、3-5/8″、3-3/8″、3-7/16″、3-9/16″、3-13/16″、4″、4-3/16″、4-1/4″、4-3/8″、4-7/16″、4-1/2″、4-3/4″、4-7/8″、4-15/16″、5″、60mm、65mm、70mm、75mm、80mm、85mm、90mm、95mm、100mm、105mm、110mm、115mm、120mm、125mm、
  • Dimension (A): 7″
  • Dimension (B): 5″
  • Dimension (D): 6.72″
  • Bushing Weight: 32 LBS

Uses of Stainless Steel Tapered Locking Bushings

The stainless steel cone lock sleeve is a non-key locking device used in the machinery industry. The bushing does not require fixing grooves and is easy to install and maintain. It can be applied to gear pulleys on shafts and requires minimal maintenance. Below is a description of the purpose of the stainless steel tapered locking bushing. Read on for more information. Once you’re ready to purchase a stainless steel tapered locking bushing, check out the links below for more information.
Stainless steel tapered locking bushings are a popular choice for installing pulleys and sprockets. They are also corrosion-resistant, making them an excellent choice for these applications. Therefore, they are also used in various industrial applications. This includes everything from industrial equipment to vehicles. However, the stainless steel tapered lock bushing does much more than what we’ve seen.
Unlike conventional bearings, tapered locking bushings provide a strong clamping fit that allows the driven equipment to lock onto the shaft. Their split and tapered designs are quick and easy to install and remove, saving you time and money. They are available in stainless steel and cast iron with both imperial and metric bores. Split and tapered designs are a common choice, simplifying installation and removal, and reducing tooling costs and delays.

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