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  in Adelaide Australia  sales   price   shop   near me   near me shop   factory   supplier Rr-20036 High Tonnage Long Stroke Hydraulic Jack manufacturer   best   Cost   Custom   Cheap   wholesaler

If you are intrigued in any of our merchandise or would like to discuss a likely get, make sure you feel free to make contact with us. The large precise CNC gear, these kinds of as Slow-feeding wire-lower machine, jig grinding equipment and electric discharge device, ensures the prime good quality precision of mould processing, with the substantial productive and environmental safety acid rolling line being the biggest uncooked substance changing gear in the field in china The wildly use of automatic milling machine, high-speed automated feeding punch, substantial pace computerized rolling and assembling machine assures the large top quality and efficiency of parts and chain making. EPG will usually adhere to it enterprise spirit of currently being functional, innovative, efficient and exceptional to make the leading international transmission generate.

SOV EPTT Acting Cylinders are rugged adequate for the toughest work web site employs and precision developed for large cycle EPTT use.

  1. Collar threads, plunger threads and base mounting holes for effortless fixturing (on most designs)
  2. Baked enamel end for elevated corrosion resistance
  3. Detachable hardened saddles shield plunger for the duration of lifting and urgent
  4. Built-in security valve prevents accidental over-pressurization
  5. CR-400 couplers incEPTTd on all cylinEPTTmodels
  6. Plunger wiper lowers contamination, extending cylinEPTTlife

Item Parameter

Stroke MaXiHu (West EPT) Dis.mum
Outside the house
(tons) (in) (ton) (in2) (in3)
Thrust Pull Push Pull Drive Pull (in) (in) (in) (lbs)
SOV-RR-1571* ten ten.00 eleven.1 4. 2.23 .eighty 22.33 8.00 sixteen.thirteen 26.13 2.88 28
SOV-RR-1012* 12.00 four. 2.23 .80 26.80 9.00 eighteen.00 30.00 two.88 31
SOV-RR-308* 30 8.25 32.5 six. 6.51 3.00 fifty three.67 twenty five.00 fifteen.twenty five 23.fifty four.00 forty
SOV-RR-3014* fourteen.50 32.five six. 6.51 3.00 ninety two.70 43.00 21.63 36.13 four.00 sixty four
SOV-RR-506 50 six.thirteen fifty five.three 11.eight eleven.06 3.40 67.77 21.00 13.06 19.19 5.00 67
SOV-RR-5013 thirteen.thirteen 55.3 eleven.eight eleven.06 three.forty a hundred forty five.seventeen 44.00 20.06 33.19 five.00 one hundred fifteen
SOV-RR-5571 20.thirteen 55.3 11.eight 11.06 three.forty 222.56 68.00 28.88 forty nine.00 five.00 150
SOV-RR-756 seventy five six.thirteen seventy nine.6 17.6 fifteen.ninety two 4.90 ninety seven.fifty eight 29.00 thirteen.sixty nine 19.81 five.seventy five ninety two
SOV-RR-7513 13.13 79.6 seventeen.six 15.ninety two 4.90 209.00 64.00 20.sixty nine 33.eighty one 5.75 a hundred and fifty
SOV-RR-1006 a hundred six.sixty three 103.two forty eight. twenty.sixty five nine.sixty 136.93 sixty three.00 14.06 twenty.sixty nine 7.00 a hundred thirty five
SOV-RR-10013 13.13 103.2 forty eight. 20.sixty five nine.60 271.17 126.00 20.63 33.75 seven.00 205
SOV-RR-10018 18.13 103.2 forty eight. 20.sixty five nine.sixty 374.forty four 174.00 27.06 forty five.19 7.00 260
SOV-RR-1502 a hundred and fifty two.25 153.five 74. thirty.seventy one 14.eighty sixty nine.11 33.00 seven.72 nine.44 eight.00 110
SOV-RR-1506 6.13 153.5 74. thirty.seventy one 14.eighty 188.28 ninety one.00 15.19 21.31 8.00 205
SOV-RR-15013 13.13 153.5 seventy four. thirty.71 14.80 403.27 194.00 22.twenty 35.31 8.00 275
SOV-RR-15032 32.thirteen 153.five seventy four. 30.71 fourteen.eighty 986.eighty four 475.00 forty three.ninety four seventy six.06 eight.00 525
SOV-RR-2006 two hundred 6.00 221. 112.5 44.21 22.50 265.28 one hundred thirty five.00 sixteen.94 22.94 9.seventy five 325
SOV-RR-20013 thirteen.00 221. 112.5 44.21 22.fifty 574.78 293.00 23.ninety four 36.94 9.75 440
SOV-RR-20018 eighteen.00 221. 112.five forty four.21 22.50 795.eighty five 396.00 thirty.thirteen forty eight.13 9.seventy five 450
SOV-RR-20571 24.00 221. 112.five forty four.21 22.50 1061.00 528.00 36.thirteen sixty.thirteen nine.75 616
SOV-RR-20036 36.00 221. 112.five 44.21 22.50 1592.00 792.00 forty eight.13 84.thirteen 9.75 845
SOV-RR-20048 48.00 221. 112.5 44.21 22.50 2122.00 1056.00 60.thirteen 108.13 nine.75 1065
SOV-RR-3006 three hundred 6.00 354.six one hundred ninety. 70.ninety three 38.00 425.56 228.00 19.thirteen twenty five.thirteen 12.twenty five 441
SOV-RR-30012 12.00 354.6 a hundred ninety. 70.ninety three 38.00 851.twelve 456.00 twenty five.thirteen 37.thirteen 12.twenty five 608
SOV-RR-30018 eighteen.00 354.six one hundred ninety. 70.93 38.00 1277.00 684.00 31.thirteen 49.13 12.25 776
SOV-RR-30571 24.00 354.6 190. 70.ninety three 38.00 1702.00 912.00 37.13 sixty one.thirteen 12.twenty five 1034
SOV-RR-30036 36.00 354.6 a hundred ninety. 70.93 38.00 2553.00 1368.00 49.thirteen 85.13 twelve.25 1385
SOV-RR-30048 forty eight.00 354.6 a hundred ninety. 70.93 38.00 3405.00 1824.00 sixty one.thirteen 109.13 12.twenty five 1720
SOV-RR-4006 four hundred six.00 475.4 255. ninety five.09 51.00 570.fifty one 306.00 21.19 27.19 14.13 670
SOV-RR-40012 twelve.00 475.4 255. ninety five.09 51.00 1141.00 612.00 27.19 39.19 14.13 880
SOV-RR-40018 18.00 475.4 255. 95.09 fifty one.00 1712.00 918.00 33.19 fifty one.19 14.thirteen a thousand
SOV-RR-40571 24.00 475.four 255. ninety five.09 fifty one.00 2282.00 1224.00 39.19 63.19 fourteen.13 1317
SOV-RR-40036 36.00 475.four 255. 95.09 51.00 3423.00 1836.00 fifty one.19 87.19 14.thirteen 1746
SOV-RR-40048 48.00 475.four 255. ninety five.09 51.00 4564.00 2448.00 sixty three.19 111.19 14.thirteen 2162
SOV-RR-5006 500 six.00 315. 113.15 63.00 678.00 378.00 22.75 28.75 15.sixty three 953
SOV-RR-50012 twelve.00 315. 113.15 sixty three.00 1358.00 756.00 28.75 40.seventy five fifteen.63 1300
SOV-RR-50018 eighteen.00 315. 113.fifteen 63.00 2037.00 1134.00 34.75 fifty two.75 15.63 1500
SOV-RR-50571 24.00 315. 113.15 sixty three.00 2716.00 1512.00 40.75 sixty four.seventy five fifteen.63 1800
SOV-RR-50036 36.00 565.7 315. 113.15 63.00 4074.00 2268.00 52.75 88.75 15.63 2210
SOV-RR-50048 forty eight.00 315. 113.fifteen sixty three.00 5431.00 3571.00 64.seventy five 112.seventy five 15.sixty three 2700

Solution Application

Package deal and Shipping
one. Outer EPTT: stXiHu (West EPT) Dis.Hu (West EPT) Dis.rd export wooden scenario
two. Interior EPTT: careful stretch film and cardboard
three. EPT time: one~3workdaEPTTwhen products in stock, 7~15workdaEPTTwhen out of stock
4. Shipping time: Prompt shipping
EPT Strategies
one. LigEPTT Weight: by intercontinental air express, in 3-7daEPTTarriving
two. EPT Bodyweight: by EPTT cargo, arriving time is dependent on your vacation spot port

EPTT information
ZheJCEP SOV EPT EPTT EPTT, Ltd is a manufacturer engaged in design and manufacturing EPT cylinders (ability handles from 10- a thousand tons), synchronous PLC EPT technique, EPT bumps, EPT torque wrenches, and electric torque wrenches, and EPT parts.
Because the establishment in 1995, we productively reworked from OEM company for Enerpac, EPTT, to EPT our own brand SOV, and our manufacturing facility has been approved by CE, ISO9001:2008 consecutively.

Our customers incEPTTs a lot of large EPTT EPTT businesses, these kinds of as EPTT EPT, EPTT, EPTTpec, EPTT State Grid, EPTTngnan Shipyards, Sany JCEP, EPTT Railway EPTT EPTT. Our synchronous PLC EPT system experienced performed a wonderful position in the EPTT substantial-velocity railway constructions. In 2011, our income profits attained 30 million USD, producing us a single of the leaders in the EPTT EPT cylinders marketplace eEPTTly in the added-large EPT cylinders for EPTT location and building field.

Primary EPT
We are a producer in equipment, this kind of as:
#8226EPT cylinders, jacks (five-3000ton), single performing and double performing, hollow plunger lower top, ultra strain, lock nut
#8226EPT torque wrench, electric powered torque wrench, pneumatic torque wrench (100-160000Nm)
#8226EPT bolt tensioner (M24-M600) EPT pullers
#8226EPT pumps, handbook and electric type (max up to 4000bar)
#8226Integrated EPT lifting system answers ( 4-ninety nine factors lifting technique for property translation or leveling, bridge supporting and tank welding supporting)
#8226EPT nut and couplings. (M50-Tr1000), EPT hose
Our merchandise have been widely used in EPTT field such as metal EPTT, cement sector, chemical and refinery, bridge, railway building and routine maintenance.


Q1: What is the manufacturer title of your merchandise?

A: Personal model quotSOV quot, WE ARE GERMANY OWNED Factory. OEM is also offered as JCEP.

Q2: EPT cylinEPTTinternal leakage?

A: There are 3 major reasons creating interior leakage: Overload, poEPTTng is not effectively controlled, undesirable seal kits. As is acknowledged to all, autos in EPTT are usually overload, our goods all designed to bear the overload EPTT. We have numerical control EPTT to assure the polish processing .And we use the EPTTed seals to meet customers’ requires.

Q3: Does your piston rod get ruptured easily?

A: Challenging chrome plating quenched and tempered 45# metal for piston rod to guarantee sufficient hardness and toughness.

Q4: Is your style realistic? What about your merchandise secure coefficient?

A: We have R ampD group with considerable layout knowledge. We also estabEPTTd manufacturing, training, and research cooperation with universities. Relaxation assured.

Q5: How about the supply time?

A: Over one thousand sets EPTd equipments to satisfy customer’s huge demand in quick supply time. EPTTly, it is 7-twenty times.

Q6: What is actually the after-service?

A: If the high quality cannot satisfy your need, we will pay all your missing and offer technological support to remedy your dilemma.

  in Adelaide Australia  sales   price   shop   near me   near me shop   factory   supplier Rr-20036 High Tonnage Long Stroke Hydraulic Jack manufacturer   best   Cost   Custom   Cheap   wholesaler