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In the meantime, our items are created in accordance to higher top quality expectations, and complying with the intercontinental advanced normal criteria. Far more importantly, we make special parts according to supplied drawings/samples and warmly welcome OEM inquiries. “We are always serving our clients with our very best products.” CE staged compression compressor with motor in continual frequency

I. Introduction:

Variable frequency conception:
Our variable frequency series screw compressor requires gain of the stepless speed regulation of the frequency charger, and begin screw air compressor gently by means of the controller or the PID regulator within of the controller to enhance the begin and procedure manner of the motor.
Prediction and analysis of power saving:
If the air compressor regularly add and unload during the procedure and especially the regular pressure output is needed, it is required to use air compressor frequency changer to control air compressor to accomplish the effect of power preserving in a particular range.
Steady strain:
The air compressor frequency changer aims at a the more substantial fluctuations of air quantity. Interior PID regulator can quickly change the reaction. When compared with the restrict swap management of working with motor in consistent frequency, the security of the air strain output boosts exponentially, trying to keep on a continual position.
Begin with no influence:
For the frequency changer has the perform of the gentle commence, the start off-up existing is three instances lesser than the EPTT frequency startup. So the affect of the startup is smaller sized.
Variable flow manage:
Based mostly on the PID regulator and the actual air consumption to alter the motor pace at a genuine time, to manage the emission output and to accomplish a equilibrium air source. When minimal intake, the air compressor can rest automatically to lessen the energy reduction. The optimized management further enhances the strength-conserving effectiveness.
EPTer voltage adaptability of AC EPTT supply
Because of to the in excess of modulation technique utilized in frequency changer, while in low AC EPTT offer voltage, it still outputs the ample torque to EPT the motor to work. Although in high AC EPTT source voltage, it will not lead to a greater voltage output to motor.

II. EPTnical specification

Model EV7.5A EV11A EV15A EV18.5A EV22A EV30A EV37A/W EV45A/W EV55A/W EV75A/W EV90A/W EV110A/W EV132A/W EV160A/W EV185A/W EV200A/W EV220A/W EV250A/W EV280W EV315W EV355W
Free air supply/Discharge air strain (M3/min/ Mpa) one.2/.7 1.7/.seven two.four/.7 three.1/.seven three.7/.7 5.2/.7 6.5/.7 seven.5/.7 10.5/.7 13.5/.seven sixteen.5/.7 twenty.5/.seven 25.8/.7 28.8/.7 32/.7 40/.7 40/.seven forty five/.7 51.three/.7 fifty five/.7 sixty four/.seven 1.six/.8 two.three/.eight three/.8 three.five/.eight five/.eight 6.three/.8 seven.2/.8 nine.five/.8 thirteen/.eight 16/.8 19/.eight 23/.8 27/.8 thirty/.8 37/.eight 37/.85 forty two/.8 fifty.two/.8 fifty.three/.8 58/.8
1/1. one.4/one. 2.2/one. 2.eight/1. 3./one. five.8/1. 7./1. eight.5/one. eleven/1. fourteen/one. 17.5/one. twenty.2/1. 23.8/1. 27.5/1. 33/1. 34/one. 38/one. 43/1. 47/one. fifty/1.
.eight/1.three one.2/1.three one.7/1.three two.three/one.three two.5/1.three three.7/one.3 25./one.3 six./1.three 7.5/one.3 nine.5/1.three 12/one.three fourteen/one.three eighteen/one.three 21/1.three 24/1.3 28/1.three 31/1.25 33/1.3 33/one.three forty one.nine/1.3 forty two/one.three
Air offer temperature leambient temperature eight~`15 ordmC
EPT EPTT (kw/hp) seven.five/10 11/15 15/twenty eighteen.five/twenty five 22/30 30/40 37/50 forty five/60 fifty five/75 75/a hundred ninety/a hundred and twenty a hundred and ten/one hundred fifty 132/a hundred seventy five a hundred and sixty/215 185/250 two hundred/270 220/three hundred 250/340 280/380 315/420 355/480
Begin technique Y- #9651Starter
Voltage (v/hz) 380V 3PH 50HZ (380V-3PH-60HZ/ 460V- 3PH- 60HZ/ 220V- 3PH-60HZ/ 400V-3PH-50HZ/6000V-3PH-50HZ/other voltagesd can be EPT )
JCEP strategy V-belt EPTT / Coupling EPTT
Oil content material (PPM) le3
EPTor inch 3/4 quot 3/4 quot 1 quot 1 quot 1 quot one 1/four quot one 1/4 quot one one/two quot 1 one/2 quot two quot two quot two 1/4 quot two 1/two quot two one/two quot three quot DN100 DN100 DN100 DN150 DN150 DN150
Noise(Db) plusmn2 fifty six 58 sixty 60 60 sixty six sixty six 66 70 seventy one 71 seventy three 75 seventy seven 78 eighty 80 eighty two 84 eighty five 86
Dimension length mm 1290 1290 1290 1290 1380 1380 1600 1900 1900 2440 2560 2760 2760 2860 2860 3250 3800 3800 3800 3900 3900
width mm 900 900 900 900 900 900 955 1200 1200 1300 1300 1340 1340 1510 1510 1800 2000 2000 2000 2100 2100
height mm 1190 1190 1190 1190 1150 1150 1365 1600 1600 1620 1620 1710 1710 1810 1810 2050 2050 2050 2050 2150 2150
WeigEPTT (kg) 400 five hundred 550 650 680 one thousand 1050 1200 1350 1800 2150 2900 3000 3800 4300 5000 5500 6000 6200 6500 6700

III. CE amp ISO Certificates:

Deal pictures:

On-site images:

IV. EPTT Introduction

ZheJCEP EPT COMPRESSOR EPTT, LTD. is one British isles wholly-owned compressor organization, which was situated in ZheJCEP in 2004, primarily based in technological cooperation with European air finish maker and British O.S.G. OSG ZheJCEP EPTTizes in producing the world-course screw compressors and air purification equipments.
In orEPTTto satisfy customers’ expectations and needs, OSG ZheJCEP integrates the compressing method to embody the deserves of dependability, power preserving, silence, comfort. OSG ZheJCEP experienced attained the compressor generation license (certificate No: XK06-571-0571), good quality certification and EPTT EPTTry certification, ISO 9001:2008 certification and CE certification.
OSG has estabEPTTd a nation-wide provider technique of forty places of work, and offered comprehensive providers, this sort of as consulting, training, repairing, spare components supplying, etc. OSG ZheJCEP also do OEM for investing companies and agents, in accordance to their requirements.
OSG ZheJCEP welcome clients and engineers all in excess of the world to study, train and cooperate. Welcome to OSG ZheJCEP .

V. EPTT Benefits
one.Huge potentiality, EPTT historical past
ZheJCEP EPT EPTT EPTT, Ltd. is a single British wholly-owned EPTTrprise. At present in EPTT, OSG has set up three main producing bases (ZheJCEP EPT EPTT EPTT, Ltd, EPTT Ulite Resources EPTT,Ltd., ZheJCEP OSG welding), five EPTs. In the meantime we cooperate with the European world-EPT air conclude producer. OSG ZheJCEP possesses a full generation, product sales and following-income provider technique. OSG has forty workplaces and a lot more than eighty right after-income provider cEPTTrs, and products are marketed to a lot more than 20 countries.

2. JCEPd configuration, globe-EPTTed parts, plentiful generation expertise.
The manage system is the most EPTd. The controller is created and manufactured by Schneider, France. It is equipped with the huge EPTT-EPT liquid crystal screen EPT. It can keep an eye on a lot more than twenty principal operating parameters, and has the features of fault recording, servicing and alarm shutdown. It can attain productive EPTT handle, unattended.
Remote handle: the personal computer processor can straight verify the user’s genuine-time running technique. Blend the trustworthiness, energy conserving, practicality in 1. distant management can begin, cease, load, unload the compressor and also other local manage can be carried out. The operation, alarm and fault and relative regional details can be monitored. (thorough description adopted)
Remote handle function:
Several compressors remote centralized management: lessen method pressure, minimize power intake, genuine-time checking.
Dual stress environment: Two system pressure EPTs can be set manually or instantly to enhance power use and lessen working EPTs.
Delayed secondary shutdown: This function controls the motor to run only when needed, enabling the motor to operate considerably less and lessen the energy intake.

  in Mandalay Myanmar  sales   price   shop   near me   near me shop   factory   supplier Ce Staged Compression Compressor with Motor in Constant Frequency manufacturer   best   Cost   Custom   Cheap   wholesaler