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Furthermore, all our generation techniques are in compliance with ISO9002 requirements. In this way, our products have continued to achieve market acceptance and buyers fulfillment more than the earlier couple of a long time. In the meantime, our goods are created in accordance to large quality specifications, and complying with the intercontinental sophisticated normal conditions. 800kVA 640kW Container Variety EPTT Generator Set with Perkins Engine

GODLIKE EPTT sort gensets
GODLIKE EPTT offers a wiEPTTrange of gensets, as properly as other types of EPT
EPT and providers.
uuml Gensets: Single-phase and 3-phase generators, manually operated or with
EPTT (AMF) procedure, stationary or cell, installed outdoors – with
Soundproof cover, or indoors – open body designs, covering a EPTT variety
In between 10 and 2000kVA.
uuml The GODLIKE EPTT genset collection has been created to satisfy all the energetic
Requirements of each and every variety of electric EPT, having a compact design, EPTTful,
Trustworthy, effortless to use and with silent operation.
uuml GODLIKE EPTT gensets are geared up with diesel engines from popular genset engines makers.

Interior combustion engine – Godlike EPTT gensets are outfitted with
EPTT top quality, planet vast renowned engines.
The engines equipping the JDG series are trustworthy, minimal-sounds,
EPTTful, with minimal fuel usage and produced utilizing revolutionary
4 stroke, drinking water-cooled, immediate EPT, in-line two-six cylinders, in a natural way aspirated or turbocharged EPTT engines.
EPT or digital governor.
JCEP starter motor twelve/24V DC.
Battery charging alternator 12/24V DC.
Fuel pump and fuel filter(s), oil pump and oil filter(s), fuel EPT
EPT, air filter(s).
Oil stress sensors, motor temperature sensors.
EPTT engine shutdown in case of genset malfunction.
Pre-heating technique (only for computerized gensets).
Exhaust technique with lower-noise muffler(s) and EPTow(s).

GENERATOR – EPT, 4 pole, solitary bearing or double bearing, brushless.
Self fired up and self regulated by AVR (EPTT Voltage Regulator).
IP23 safety degree.
Insulation course H.

SKID (Base Frame)
The engine-generator assembly is produced by coupling the two major
Elements by way of the SAE coupling technique. Thanks to the EPTT anti-
Vibration rubber damper pads, the genset does not induce obvious
Vibrations to the bordering basis. The maXiHu (West EPT) Dis.mum vibration amount
Induced to the genset base body is 5mm/s.

Gasoline TANK, is incorporated in the genset’s base body. As genset
EPT, GODLIKE EPTT can adapt to the customers’ requests by enlarging
Or lowering the gas tank capability, in orEPTTto ensure the asked for genset
JCEPnomy. In addition, the gensets can be geared up with huge capability
AuXiHu (West EPT) Dis.liary (exterior) gasoline tanks with computerized refueling program.

SOUNDPROOF Canopy, made from electrostatic spray-
Painted steel sheet, which reduces the corrosive action of atmospheric
And encompassing environmental brokers.

EXEPTUST MUFFLER, ensures silent genset procedure and
Lowers the environmental influence of exhaust gasoline according to the
Pertinent EU stXiHu (West EPT) Dis.Hu (West EPT) Dis.rds.

The handle panel is incEPTTd in the genset assembly, equipped on the
Genset’s foundation frame and can be visualized via a single of the cover
Door’s pleXiHu (West EPT) Dis.glas window.
The gensets are outfitted with manually operated or automated
Operation electric panels, in accordance to the customer’s ask for.
The panels provide numerous established-up and security functions and operating
Modes. The gensets can also be remote operated and monitored making use of
The Personal computer, incXiHu (West EPT) Dis.Hu (West EPT) Dis. by way of World wide web and GEPT, as an optional added. The
EPTT panel is pleasant and easy to use. The automated handle panels
Can be manufactures as a dual EPT board (the management-facet
Apparatus is divided from the switchEPT).

Quality STHangEPTRDS
The GODLIKE EPTT collection gensets are made and made by our
EPTT in accordance with the most current issued CE!

Open up Sort Silent Variety
Design Engine Alternator EPT
Gasoline Con
Open Kind Silent Type Perkins GODLIKE STAMFORD kVA kW kVA kW L W H L W H
GDP9 GDP9*S 403A-11G/8kW JDG 164B/eight.8kW PI044E/8kW 9 seven 10 eight 1330 five hundred 1090 310 1950 740 1115 558 2.1
GDP9 GDP9*S 403D-11G/8kW JDG 164B/8.8kW PI044E/8kW nine 7 ten 8 1330 500 1090 310 1950 740 1115 558
GDP13 GDP13*S 403A-15G1/12kW JDG 164C/ten.8kW PI044F/10kW thirteen ten 14 eleven 1430 500 1150 327 1950 740 1115 575 3
GDP13 GDP13*S 403D-15G/12kW JDG 164C/10.8kW PI044F/10kW thirteen 10 fourteen eleven 1430 five hundred 1150 375 1950 740 1115 688 3
GDP15 GDP15*S 403A-15G2/14kW JDG 164D/12.8kW PI044G/12kW fifteen twelve sixteen thirteen 1430 500 1150 432 1950 740 1115 709 three.5
GDP20 GDP20*S 404A-22G1/18kW JDG 184E/18kW PI144D/16kW twenty 16 23 eighteen 1550 560 1191 550 2100 740 1115 751.2 four.six
GDP20 GDP20*S 404D-22G/18kW JDG 184E/18kW PI144D/16kW 20 sixteen 23 18 1550 560 1191 550 2100 740 1115 751.two four.6
GDP27 GDP27*S 404D-22TG/25kW JDG 184F/22kW PI144E/20kW 27 21 30 24 1620 600 1275 643 2100 930 1275 823 6.2
GDP30 GDP30*S 1103A-33G/28kW JDG 184H/25kW PI144G/24kW 30 24 33 26 1870 seven hundred 1350 800 2300 980 1270 1203 6.9
GDP45 GDP45*S 1103A-33TG1/41kW JDG 224C/34kW UCI224C/34kW 45 36 50 forty 1970 seven-hundred 1350 890 2600 1130 1615 1354 ten.four
GDP60 GDP60*S 1103A-33TG2/54kW JDG 224E/48kW UCI224E/48kW 60 48 sixty six 53 2050 seven-hundred 1350 966 2600 1130 1615 1443 13.8
GDP65 GDP65*S 1104A-44TG1/58kW JDG 224F/58kW UCI224F/58kW 65 fifty two seventy one 57 2192 700 1350 1050 2800 1130 1565 1610 fifteen
GDP80 GDP80*S 1104A-44TG2/72kW JDG 224GS/64kW UCI224G/68kW eighty 64 88 70 2192 seven hundred 1350 1050 2800 1130 1565 1610 18.four
GDP80 GDP80*S 1104C-44TGA1/72kW JDG 224GS/64kW UCI224G/68kW eighty sixty four 88 70 2192 seven-hundred 1350 1050 2800 1130 1565 1610 18.four
GDP100 GDP100*S 1104C-44TGA2/90kW JDG 274C/80kW UCI274C/80kW one hundred eighty one hundred ten 88 2192 seven-hundred 1350 1226 2800 1130 1565 1556 23
GDP135 GDP135*S 1106A-70TG1/119kW JDG 274ES/110kW UCI274E/112kW one hundred thirty five 108 one hundred fifty 120 2750 850 1470 1400 3400 1130 1715 2032 31.1
GDP150 GDP150*S 1106A-70TG2/131kW JDG 274E/120kW UCI274F/128kW 150 one hundred twenty a hundred sixty five 132 2850 850 1470 1435 3600 1130 1915 2340 34.five
GDP181 GDP181*S 1106A-70TG3/158kW JDG 274G/152kW UCI274G/145.6kW 181 145 200 a hundred and sixty 2850 850 1470 1435 3600 1130 2104 2460 41.6
GDP200 GDP200*S 1106A-70TG4/174kW JDG 274H/160kW UCI274H/160kW two hundred a hundred and sixty 220 176 2850 850 1470 1487 3600 1130 2104 2460 46
GDP225 GDP225*S 1306A-E87TAG4/198kW JDG 274J/184kW UCI274J/184kW 225 180 250 two hundred 2860 1050 1830 1952 3600 1330 2065 2530 fifty one.75
GDP250 GDP250*S 1306C-E87TAG6/217kW JDG 274K/200kW UCDI274K/200kW 250 two hundred 275 220 2860 1050 1830 1980 3600 1330 2065 2530 57.5

  in Zurich Switzerland  sales   price   shop   near me   near me shop   factory   supplier Factory Sell 800kVA 640kw Container Type Diesel Generator Set with Perkins Engine manufacturer   best   Cost   Custom   Cheap   wholesaler