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The group is targeted on generating all assortment of normal roller chains and sprockets, gears & gearboxes, such as conveyor chain & sprockets , stainless metal chain, agricultural chain and has not just sold its merchandise all above china, but also sold much more than sixty five% products to oversees, including Europe, The usa, South-east Asia, and it also has established up storage logistics in locations like Europe. In this way, our products have ongoing to acquire market place acceptance and buyers gratification over the past number of years. we supply 1-cease solution for the purchase of mechanical power transmission items in China.

Manufacturing unit Immediate CE Certificated EPTT EPT EPT

one.Why Decide on the SDM EPTics for Shuttering magnets

1:). EPTs and EPTic assemblies are EPTT.

2:). Strategic cooperation with EPTT’s unusual earth EPTr CHINALCO, which enables us robust and protected backup for unusual earth uncooked materials EPT stability, 3 x -three% yearly cost down confirmed.

3:). ISO/TS 16949, VDA six.3, ISO9001, ISO14001 certified business, RoHS, Reach, SGS, Fda complied product.

4:). PPM efficiency for EPTT EPT’s OEM given that 2571, impressive buyers this sort of as JCEP, BMW, REGAL BELOIT, EPTC, ELECTROLUX, S ampT Motiv.

five:). In excess of a hundred million magnets sent to American, European, Asian and African nations.

six:). A single cease services from R ampD to mass creation.

2.Solution Description


The magnetic lifter can be divided into electric magnetic lifter and long term magnetic lifter. Each electric magnetic lifter and everlasting magnetic lifter will create a strong magnetic subject on their working surface throughout the function approach. The magnetic discipline line will cross the ferromagnetic workpiece throughout functioning, and the workpiece can be dealt with as component of the major magnetic circuit.

How the Everlasting EPTic Lifter Functions?

The relative movement amongst the magnetic methods will obtain introducing and cancellation of magnetic field strength on the functioning surface, then guarantee the switching in between load and unload.

The JCEPs of EPT EPT ?

1.No EPTT failure :

Long lasting magnets supply the lifting pressure, they are alwaEPTTready to go to operate. By no means any loss of EPTT. In no way want remagnetizing. Not dependent upon outdoors EPTT resource.


JCEP apply in use of magnetic lifts dictates that maXiHu (West EPT) Dis.mum functioning load be no far more than 50 percent the take a look at load. These magnets have been load analyzed at twice the safe working load revealed in table.

three.Slender structure, and effortless to function.

Long lasting magnetic lifting system is lightweigEPTT for each pound of lifting ability. Simply transportable for use indoors or outdoor. JCEPed to manage easy-surfaced, heavy, reliable ferrous blocks.

one.Neodymium magnet

one. Nd-Fe-B magnetic materialsthe 3rd generation magnetic materials,possessing fantastic suction are able to maintain weigEPTT equivalent to 640 instances of its personal bodyweight.


three.EPTT condition and dimensions as for each your specifications.

four. N35-N52, N35M-N50M, N35H-N48H, N35SH-N45SH, N28UH-N42UH, N28EH-N40EH, N28AH-N38AH.

5. Ni, Ni-Cu-Ni, Zn(Cr3 ), Tin, Epoxy, Ni-Ag, Ni-Au, Passivation, Parylene, and so on.

6. ISO9001:2008, ISO/TS16949:2009 and RoHS.

7. Apps: EPTs, Generators, JCEPors, SEPTers, Earphones and other musical instruments, EPTic therapy gadgets, EPTic Chuck, EPTic bearings and couplings, NdFeB Pot EPT and other magnetic programs.

2.EPTT Neodymium EPT and EPTic Assemblies
Neodymium EPTs and Neodymium EPTic assemblies are EPTT. You can tell us the Dimensions, Condition and Grade of the EPT, we can help you create in seven-fifteen daEPTT!!











OD240*40 (gap measurement EPT)



per your ask for

And other EPTT condition neodymium magnet for each your request.

3.Far more EPTs We Could Produce:

four. Grades, Coatings and EPTization Route

(one) EPT grades incEPTT: N35–N52, N35M–N50M, N35H–N48H, N35SH–N45SH, N28UH–N42UH, N28EH–N40EH.

/ Sintered NdFeB EPT
Residual Induction (Br) Coercive Drive (Hcb) Intrinsic Coercive Drive (Hcj) Max JCEP Product (BH)max Temp. Coefficient Tk Max Operating Temp. Curie Temp.
T kGs kA/m kOe kA/m kOe kJ/m sup3 MGOe %/ ordmC(Br) %/ ordmC(Hcj) ordmC ordmC
N35 one.seventeen-one.22 eleven.7-12.two ge868 ge10.9 ge955 ge12 263-287 33-36 -.twelve -.70 80 310
N38 1.22-1.25 12.2-12.five ge899 ge11.three ge955 ge12 287-310 36-39 -.twelve -.70 eighty 310
N40 1.25-1.28 twelve.5-twelve.8 ge907 ge11.four ge955 ge12 302-326 38-41 -.twelve -.70 80 310
N42 1.28-one.32 twelve.eight-thirteen.two ge915 ge11.five ge955 ge12 318-342 forty-43 -.12 -.70 eighty 310
N45 1.32-one.38 thirteen.two-thirteen.eight ge923 ge11.6 ge955 ge12 342-366 43-forty six -.twelve -.70 80 310
N48 1.38-1.forty two thirteen.eight-fourteen.2 ge923 ge11.6 ge955 ge12 366-390 46-49 -.12 -.70 eighty 310
N50 1.40-one.45 14.-fourteen.five ge796 ge10. ge876 ge11 382-406 48-51 -.12 -.70 60 310
N52 one.43-1.48 fourteen.3-fourteen.8 ge796 ge10. ge876 ge11 398-422 fifty-fifty three -.twelve -.70 sixty 310
N35M one.17-one.22 ge868 ge10.nine ge1114 ge14 263-287 33-36 -.12 -.70 a hundred 310
N38M one.22-one.25 12.2-12.5 ge899 ge11.3 ge1114 ge14 287-310 36-39 -.twelve -.70 one hundred 310
N40M 1.25-one.28 twelve.5-twelve.8 ge923 ge11.6 ge1114 ge14 302-326 38-41 -.twelve -.70 a hundred 310
N42M 1.28-1.32 12.8-13.2 ge955 ge12. ge1114 ge14 318-342 40-43 -.12 -.70 one hundred 310
N45M 1.32-1.38 thirteen.2-thirteen.8 ge995 ge12.5 ge1114 ge14 342-366 forty three-forty six -.12 -.70 a hundred 310
N48M one.37-1.forty three 13.7-fourteen.three ge1571 ge12.nine ge1114 ge14 366-390 forty six-forty nine -.12 -.70 one hundred 310
N50M 1.forty-one.45 fourteen.-14.5 ge1033 ge13 ge1114 ge14 382-406 forty eight-51 -.12 -.70 100 310
N35H 1.seventeen-1.22 eleven.7-12.two ge868 ge10.nine ge1353 ge17 263-287 33-36 -.12 -.70 a hundred and twenty 310
N38H one.22-one.25 twelve.2-12.five ge899 ge11.three ge1353 ge17 287-310 36-39 -.12 -.70 120 310
N40H one.twenty five-one.28 twelve.5-12.8 ge923 ge11.6 ge1353 ge17 302-326 38-forty one -.12 -.70 a hundred and twenty 310
N42H 1.28-one.32 twelve.8-thirteen.two ge955 ge12. ge1353 ge17 318-342 40-forty three -.12 -.70 one hundred twenty 310
N45H one.32-one.36 13.two-13.six ge963 ge12.1 ge1353 ge17 342-366 43-46 -.12 -.70 one hundred twenty 310
N48H 1.37-1.forty three 13.7-fourteen.three ge995 ge12.5 ge1353 ge17 366-390 forty six-forty nine -.12 -.70 120 310
N35SH one.seventeen-1.22 11.7-12.2 ge876 ge11. ge1592 ge20 263-287 33-36 -.11 -.sixty five 150 320
N38SH 1.22-1.25 twelve.two-12.five ge907 ge11.4 ge1592 ge20 287-310 36-39 -.11 -.sixty five one hundred fifty 320
N40SH one.25-one.28 12.five-12.eight ge939 ge11.eight ge1592 ge20 302-326 38-forty one -.eleven -.sixty five a hundred and fifty 320
N42SH 1.28-1.32 twelve.eight-13.two ge987 ge12.4 ge1592 ge20 318-342 forty-forty three -.eleven -.65 150 320
N45SH 1.32-1.38 thirteen.two-13.eight ge1003 ge12.6 ge1592 ge20 342-366 43-forty six -.eleven -.sixty five a hundred and fifty 320
N28UH one.04-1.08 10.four-10.8 ge764 ge9.6 ge1990 ge25 207-231 26-29 -.eleven -.sixty one hundred eighty 330
N30UH one.08-1.thirteen 10.8-11.three ge812 ge10.two ge1990 ge25 223-247 28-31 -.eleven -.60 one hundred eighty 330
N33UH 1.thirteen-1.seventeen 11.three-eleven.7 ge852 ge1990 ge25 247-271 31-34 -.11 -.sixty a hundred and eighty 330
N35UH one.seventeen-one.22 eleven.7-twelve.2 ge860 ge10.8 ge1990 ge25 263-287 33-36 -.11 -.60 one hundred eighty 330
N38UH 1.22-1.twenty five twelve.two-twelve.five ge876 ge11. ge1990 ge25 287-310 36-39 -.11 -.sixty one hundred eighty 330
N40UH one.25-one.28 12.5-twelve.eight ge899 ge11.three ge1990 ge25 302-326 38-41 -.eleven -.sixty a hundred and eighty 330
N42UH 1.28-1.32 twelve.8-13.two ge899 ge11.3 ge1990 ge25 318-342 forty-43 -.eleven -.60 one hundred eighty 330
N28EH 1.04-1.08 ten.four-ten.8 ge780 ge9.8 ge2388 ge30 207-231 26-29 -.11 -.fifty five two hundred 330
N30EH 1.08-one.13 10.eight-11.three ge812 ge10.2 ge2388 ge30 223-247 28-31 -.11 -.55 200 330
N33EH 1.thirteen-one.seventeen 11.three-eleven.7 ge836 ge10.5 ge2388 ge30 247-271 31-34 -.11 -.55 two hundred 330
N35EH 1.seventeen-1.22 ge876 ge11. ge2388 ge30 263-287 33-36 -.11 -.fifty five 200 330
N38EH one.22-1.25 twelve.2-twelve.5 ge899 ge11.three ge2388 ge30 287-310 36-39 -.11 -.55 200 330
N40EH one.twenty five-one.28 12.5-12.8 ge899 ge11.three ge2388 ge30 302-326 38-forty one -.11 -.fifty five 200 330
N28AH one.04-1.08 ten.four-ten.eight ge787 ge9.nine ge2624 ge33 207-231 26-29 -.ten -.fifty 230 350
N30AH one.08-one.thirteen 10.eight-11.3 ge819 ge10.three ge2624 ge33 223-247 28-31 -.10 -.fifty 230 350
N33AH one.thirteen-1.seventeen eleven.3-eleven.7 ge843 ge10.6 ge2624 ge33 247-271 31-34 -.ten -.50 230 350
N35AH one.17-one.22 eleven.7-twelve.two ge876 ge11. ge2624 ge33 263-287 33-36 -.10 -.fifty 230 350
N38AH 1.22-one.25 12.two-twelve.5 ge899 ge11.three ge2624 ge33 287-310 36-39 -.10 -.fifty 230 350
*The over-talked about data of magnetic qualities and physical qualities are provided at area temperature.
*The max working temperature of magnet is changeable due to length-diameter ratio, coating thickness and an additional environment elements.

(2) Coating incEPTTs Ni-Cu-Ni, Black Nickel, Zn, Sn,Au, Ag,Black Epoxy, Phosphated, Parylene, etc.

(three) EPTization instructions incEPTT:

5.EPTT Information

one.Our manufacturing facility

SDM EPTics is a supplier of EPT Ltd Australia, GM, BMW, BENTLEY, and REGAL-BELOIT in European. We have been giving magnetic components because 2004. Our manufacturing unit is in XiHu (West EPT) (West EPT) Dis., HangEPT, which is about 200 kilometers from ZheJCEP and HangEPT. Our products are export to American,European and Asian nations around the world.Our consumers incEPEPT producers, EPTT equipments producers and so on.

.As a specialist neodymium magnet producer, we are certified by ISO9001:2008, ISO/TS16949:2009, RoHS, Achieve, TUV, SGS

6.Our EPTT

We Will EPT CWIEME EPTT every yr


We Will EPT CWIEME Chicago each year.

If you are practical, we could discuss confront to experience !!

We could allow our buyers in your country to assist you ship the samples, to allow you examine our high quality more rapidly!!

7.Our Companies

1.EPT EPTization

We can do all the magnetization for neodymium magnet incXiHu (West EPT) Dis.Hu (West EPT) Dis.: AXiHu (West EPT) magnetization/Diametrical magnetization/Radial magnetization/Internal-diameter

multi-polar magnetization/Outer diameter multi-polar magnetization/Surface area magnetization/Sophisticated magnetization/EncoEPTTmagnetization/Skewed magnetization.

2. StXiHu (West EPT) Dis.Hu (West EPT) Dis.rd EPTT and Shipment

The deal for neodymium we use: Sea Pallet / Air EPTT / Categorical EPTT / Plastic EPT / EPTen Scenario / Vacumm Bundle and any other EPTT conditions as for every your need.


1: How fast can I get a reply?

You will EPT our reply inside of 15 minutes during our operate time 08:00 – eighteen:00(UTC-8).

2: Can I get free samples?

Cost-free samples are offered at SDM warehouse. However it might take minimum seven daEPTTfor production if your measurement is not on our stock checklist.

three: Are you able to offer you very best prices?

EPTs are purposeful items, the EPTs count on how robust the components you want. We think the most suited is the best, for that reason SDM is eager to offer you ideal costs to satisfy your concentrate on.

four: Are you in a position to give best top quality?

At SDM you EPT merchandise unEPTTguarantee of ISO9001, ISO/TS16949 techniques.

5: What are your greatest guide-occasions?

Right away shipments are obtainable for inventory magnets. For clean components, we need to have seven-fifteen daEPTTfor production.

  in Cancun Mexico  sales   price   shop   near me   near me shop   factory   supplier Factory Direct Ce Certificated Custom Made Lifting Magnet manufacturer   best   Cost   Custom   Cheap   wholesaler